Musketeers Bootcamp XXIII- 2019

the Midwest Musketeers-Viborg would like to invite Scandinavian and European Football teams to participate in the annual Musketeers Boot camp-Spalding football camp from April 5-7 2019.

The Viborg Bullets AFC in Denmark, founded the camp in 2006.

The Musketeers Boot camp- spring youth training camp is approved by DAFF.

The camp is planned in close cooperation with The a selected group of camp position head coaches.

Musketeers Boot camp is an international football training camp for youth player’s age groups U10-U12-U14

The Boot camp is a youth development camp that aims to teach sound football fundamentals to youth football players and to improve international football relations. In 2017 more than a 200 youth players and 35 coaches participated.

In order for ball clubs to be eligible to participate in the camp they have to provide a minimum of one coach and a team manager.

Unaccompanied players cannot register at the camp.

If a participating ball club does not have a full team it can register players to participate, and they will be mixed with other teams according to age provided coaches accompany them.

All participating coaches have to be active in the training camp Saturday. Coaches will be contacted by our camp head coach regarding coaching position in Saturday’s training sessions.

The camp is a combined youth training camp/coaches workshop and a youth football tournament.

Camp Philosophy
The philosophy of the camp is once a year to give young football players the opportunity to work with the best coaches and to give them specific position training. Many players come from small ball clubs and do not get this in their everyday training.

Camp Head Coach
Every year we sign a head coach to lead the camp the head coach will be announced March
The boot camp is also a workshop for coaches; It provides the coaches with the chance to work with large groups of players coaching only one position.

It gives the coaches the possibility to get new inspiration and better knowledge of how to coach youth football.

All players are accommodated in classrooms at Vestervang skole, Boghvede vej 26, 8800 Viborg Denmark.
Camp tournament
The camp tournament is U16 - 9. Man tackle football,
U14 - 7. man tackle football and
U12 - tackle football.

The rules are NCAA. There are no scrimmage kicks. 30 minutes running clock.
Prices for 2019;

Weekend price is 475-DKR./62 EURO

coaches price 300-DKR/40 EURO

The price covers full room and board and a camp T-shirt.
Registration forms will be emailed at request; all fees are to be pre-paid at registration.

For further information, please contact.
the Bootcamp team at;

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